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Software solutions for your website or blog.

Dimbal Poll Manager

Dimbal Poll Manager Boxtop
Poll Management made simple. The Dimbal Poll Manager makes it a breeze to host polls from your website.

Dimbal Banner Manager

Dimbal Banner Manager Boxtop
A powerful Banner Management software solution. Manage your website banner ads using this feature rich software.

Dimbal Link Manager

Dimbal Link Manager Boxtop
URL and QR Code Tracking. Understand the source of every clicks with the Dimbal Link Manager.

Dimbal Form Processor

Dimbal Form Processor Boxtop
Form processing with ease. Submit and process forms from within your website with the Dimbal Form Processor

Dimbal Popup Controller

Dimbal Popup Controller Boxtop
Display JavaScript Popup Windows with ease. No programming required. Add popup messages to your site with the Dimbal Popup Controller.

Dimbal Comment Boards

Dimbal Comment Boards Boxtop
Comment management has never been easier with built in filtering, spam handling, and automatic creation of new boards. let the Dimbal Comment Boards do the work for you.

Dimbal Tips Gallery

Dimbal Tips Gallery Boxtop
Record dozens or hundreds of tips and have the Dimbal Tips Gallery display them as a sidebar widget, a tip-of-the-day application or as helpful add on to your website.

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