Example Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reports

With a free subscription to NPSMonitoring.com there are several very useful reports that you get access to.

Dashboard Net Promoter Score Report

The most useful Net Promoter Score report is the Dashboard report that shows you what you current NPS trending scores are.  NPS scores for the past 24 hours, the past 7 days and past 30 days are all displayed.  This allows you to compare data Day over Day, Week over Week and Month over Month.

NPS Reports - Trend Over Time  

Along with the dashboard report is a daily trend report.  This shows you the change in your score over time.  You can expand the viewing window out to get a further picture into the past.  This allows you to see trend changes, spikes, dips, etc.

Response Count over time

Another useful report is one that displays the response count over time for each of the Net Promoter Score buckets, promoters, passive and detractors.  This can give you a sense for when one particular bucket experiences a significant drop or spike.

NPS Reports - Response Counts Over Time  


Net Promoter Score Word Count Report

Text analysis is a powerful tool and we have several reports to analyze customers feedback.  The raw feedback data is available to view, but we try to put meaning behind the raw data.

NPS Reports - Word Count Report  

In this example above it shows a word cloud of the most frequently appearing words within the comments submitted by users who are considered as detractors.  As you can see from this example, there are clearly issues with bugs and performance that are being reported by users.

Word Breakdown by Score

To take the word analysis even further we provide a data table that shows each word and how many occurrences there are according to each score submitted.  This tool is very useful to see patterns in your promoters and detractors.

 NPS Reports - Words By Score


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