Getting to know your Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard is deisgned to give you a lot of summary information as quickly as possible.  During this tutorial we will cover what some of the data points are.

After you login you will be redirected to your account dasboard.  You can get to this dashboard at any time by selecting the “Dashboard” link from the navigation menu.

Once your dsahboard loads you should see a screen that looks similar to the following (note exact designa nd layout may change over time):

SEO Analysis Dashboard

Let's look at the various pieces of this dashboard.

The first main section is a summary of your last 50 scans including both SEO and SMO data checks.

One the left is an overall view.  This shows on a scale of 0-100 what your average analysis score is.  If the score has gone up or down over time, you will also see data that reflects this upward or downward trend.

One the right is a breakdown of the errors found compared to checks that passed.  There are also two quick navigation buttons that allow you to jump directly to your On-Site SEO or On-Site SMO reports.

Underneath the summary analysis is a section describing your Crawling statistics.

  • Total Urls – The number of individual URL's that have been found and saved for this website.
  • Urls Scanned Last 30 Days – The number of Urls that have been scanned within the last 30 days.
  • Urls Pending Initial Scan – The number of Urls that are currently awaiting their first scan (Note: it can take several days to properly scan an entire website).
  • Urls Pending Re-Scan – The number of Urls that have not been scanned for a period of time and are queued to be re-scanned an additional time.  Urls are automatically rescanned after a period of time to ensure up to date and accurate information.  The exact duration of this cool down period varies by subscription level.


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