Installing New Applications

The Dimbal Framework makes it incredibly easy to add new applications into your existing website.  

First browse to the Application Manager where you should see a list of your existing installed applications.  An example is below:

App Manager


Install via Upload Form

To install a new application you can do so using the provided form.


Install New App


Select the “Choose File” button to select your application zip file to upload.  

NOTE:  It is fastest to upload your apps code file and not the entire application package.  Within your main application package downloaded from Dimbal Software you should see several files contained within.  One of them will have a “” in the name.  Examples of this file are as follows:

  • “” for the Dimbal Poll Manager

  • “” for the Dimbal Link Manager

Once selected, use the “Upload App” button to upload your app file and install your app.  If successful, you should see the app listed in the manager.

Trouble?  Certain server permissions are required in order to install your app in this manner.  This includes the ability to save uploaded files to your server as well as unzip archive files.  If your webhost does not provide you with these rights you can still install the App via FTP.


Manually Install an App


If you need to manually install an app, you can follow these directions to accomplish this.  Let's use the Dimbal Poll Manager as an example as we walk through this.  NOTE: Names might vary slightly from the example based upon the purchased application.

As mentioned earlier in the article, we want to find and work with the zip file that has “” in the name.  Find and Unzip this archive file to a location on your computer.  As an exmaple, for the Dimbal Poll Manager the archive file is named “”.

Copy the entire folder that is unzipped into the “/apps/” folder within the Dimbal Software Framework.  As an example, the Dimbal Poll Manager will unzip to a folder named “dpm”.  The entire folder should then be placed within the “/apps/” folder on your webserver.  As a result, for our example we should then have a folder structure that looks like “/apps/dpm/”.

Using an FTP client copy the contents of this folder to your website.

Load the App Manager within a web browser.  Your new app should be automatically detected.


Enabling Newly Installed Apps

After you upload or manually install a new application you may notice that they are not automatically activated.  This is for your protection so that features do not become active until you are ready for them.

To finish the installation routine, simply click on the “Install” link next to an application that you want to activate.  Notice in the example below that the Dimbal Banner Manager has not yet been fully installed and activated.  To enable it, simply click on the Install link provided.

App Manager - App Uninstalled



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