Managing Installed Applications

The heart of the Dimbal Software Framework is in managing the apps installed within the framework.  Let’s spend some time going over how the apps work and what you can do to manage them.

To manage the Apps go to the Apps tab in the menu bar and then select “App Manager”.  If you have not yet installed an app you will see an empty table such as the one below.  This is fine.


No Saved Objects


If you have already installed some apps then you will see an App Manager such as the example provided below:


App Manager


Let’s explore the various parts of the App Manager.  Throughout the application many of the managers follow a similar organization so as to make administering the different parts of the application as easy as possible.


App Manager Details


  1. Title Area.  Title of the page follows the same style throughout the application.  This helps you know if you are on the main Manager, the main Editor and so forth.

  2. Install a New App.  This is a quick upload utility to help you upload and install a new app.

  3. Installed Apps.  In this section each individual app will be listed along with some quick access data about the app.

  4. State.  This is an icon representing the apps state, either uninstalled, installed, activated or deactivate.  More on the apps states will be provided below.
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