Managing Users

As an administrator you have the ability to manage users assigned into the application.  There are two levels of user accounts detailed in the table below:





General access to installed Apps.


General access to installed Apps, plus has access to install and remove apps and users.


All User Role permissions.  Also has ability to change application settings and has full control over all User objects.

User Manager

Access the User Manager from the Admin tab in the navigation bar.  Then select “User Manager”.

You should see a manager similar to other managers within the application.  An example is below.


User Manager


Adding a New User


To add a new user into the Dimbal Software Framework, use the button at the top right of the user Manager that says “Create New”


Create New Button

Editing a User


To edit a user you need to select the edit button within the User Manager.


User Edit Button


When the user editor is brought up it should look something like this:


User Editor

The left hand side of the editor holds the name of the fields that can be manipulated.  Underneath the name is a brief explanation of what each feature does.  On the right hand side is where you can change or enter the appropriate value for each item.

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