Manually Scanning a URL

Your webalyzing subscription allows you to manually scan a URL for SEO and SMO violations.

If the URL is not associated with any of your registered websites, then you can use the Free On Page SEO Scanning tool at anytime to view an analysis for a given URL.

If the URL is assocaited with one of your registered websites, then you can still request a new scan at anytime.

Make sure that your website is selected as the Active Website in your account.  if it is not, go to the Websites menu and select the website that the URL is found within.

Now, along the submenu for your active website, click the menu item to be taken to the list of Active URLs

Sub Navigation

Once you arrive at the Active URL Manager, you should see a list of URL's that are associated with your website.  They may or may not have scanning data associated with them.  if the website was recently added it can take several days for the scanning data to appear.

Find the URL that you wish to use from the list of URLs provided.  You may want to use the filter box at the top right of the list to filter the results by a portion fo the URL.

URL Manager

Once you locate the URL you want to rescan – you can then click on the Scan icon to reque a new scan of that page.

Once you click that button you will be taken directly to our scanning page.  Once the scan begins you should see a message that looks similar to the following:

Manual Scan Processing

Depending on the size of your page and the amount of content found on your page, this scan may be either fast or may take a few moments.

Once completed, you will be presented with a new message that looks similar to the below:

Manual Scan Successful

At this point your manual scan has been completed.  You will automatically be redirected to your finished analysis, or you can hit the button to view the scan results immediately.


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