Website SEO Errors Report – Line Item Details

When you are viewing the SEO analysis report for your website as a whole you may notice a high number of errors found against multiple pages for a particular rule.  This is common across a website and is not something that should alarm you.

Generally when an SEO mistake is made, there is high probability that the same SEO mistake will be made across other pages on the site as well.  Maybe the site utilizes a templating system and the SEO mistake is within the templating components.  Or maybe it is an SEO item that the particualr developer is un aware of.  

Regardless of the reason, common SEO violations will be grouped together in a fashion that allows you to see all of the pages that are violating the specified check.

Let's look at the example below:

SEO Errors Title

In this example, the software has found 24 unqiue pages across the website that are violating the specified SEO check.  In this case, the SEO check is looking for the presence of an H1 tag within the pages content.

If you click on the rule, you can expand out to see additional details about the results.  In this case we will see a list of all the pages that have a record of the rule violation.

SEO Errors

The URL is an active link so that you can jump immediately to the page listed and view the content in question.  There is also a link to view the individual analysis for that specific page.

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