What are the Site Crawling Statistics

The site crawling statistics give an overview of how our crawlers are interacting with your sites content.  Let's look at the following example:

Crawling Statistics

For this site, there are URLs that are in several different states.  Let's look at what the different states mean.

In this example, Webalyzing has discovered a total of 436 unique URLs.  These are distinct urls that each have an accompaning analysis and SEO score tied to them.

9 of those URLs have been scanned within the last 30 days.  This is simply a progress meter that shows recent scan activity.  Depending on your subscription level, URLs are requed for a new scan after a certain threshold of days has passed.

In this example, none of the 436 urls are pending their first scan.  This means that each of those URL's have received at least one scan and have an accompaning score.

Finally we have 427 url's that are pending re-scan.  This means that they have already been analyzed and have an associated score, but are eligible for a fresh scan run to get updated data.


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