What is the difference between SEO and SMO

SEO and SMO are similar – but are two very distinct disciplines.  Both are crititcal for the success of your website.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  The basic premise of SEO efforts is to optimize how your content is interpreted by search engines so that they give you the most favorable placement within their search listings.

If you have a page describing Widgets then you want Search Engines to know as much about the widgets that you are describing as possible.  Maybe the particular page is actually describing a Green Variant of the Widgets that are very small and used for a very specific purpose.  You want search engines to know and understand all of these secondary points.  That way, when someone searches in Google for “Small Green Widgets” your page shows up at the top of the list since it is the most relevant.

Search Engine Optimization work involves the use of proper keywords, appropriate use of html tags, proper use of images, proper use of links and much much more.

Social Media Optimization

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization.  The basic premise of SMO efforts is to optimize how your content is displayed, when it is shared on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Pintrest.

Social media sites have very distinct rule sets for what type of content and how much of that content can be shown.  For example, when a URL is shared on Facebook, users can see a single image, a single link, a single title and a single description.  As webmasters we need to ensure that those pieces of data are as optimized as possible so as to attract the most number of clicks to our content.

Social Media Optimization work involves the use of specifying specific tags to indicate the type of content, the specific pieces of content to use and how that content should be interpreted.

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