Achieving Better Banner Ad Results

Running a successful banner advertising campaign can be very difficult and time consuming.  That is why the Dimbal Banners module works hard to alleviate some of the stress and difficulty of running a banner advertising campaign.  In this article we will look at some of the ways that the Banners module helps you run a better campaign.
The two most important factors to a successful banner advertising campaign is 1) the banner ad itself and 2) the banner ad placement.   The Banners module has several tools to help you maximize your return with respect to both of these critical factors.

The Banner Ad

Let’s first look at the banner ad itself.  One of the strongest features of the Banners Module is the ability to deliver your ads in display zones.  Display zones are logical groups.  Using display zones you can place multiple versions of the same ad and the Banners module will randomly select and ad from the group.  After a period of time you can analyze the performance of each ad and determine which ad provided better results. 
For this example, let’s assume that your site sells widgets.  You and your teammates have worked hard to come up with 3 different versions of the banner ad and you can’t decide which one will truly perform better.  Using the Banners software, create 3 different banner ads, one for each banner ad visual that you have.  Then create a display zone that will hold your 3 banner ads.  Once the zone is created, add your 3 banners to the zone.   On your website you can now display your banner ad zone (instead of the banner ad directly).  On each request, the Banners module will randomly select one of the 3 banners for display.  Impressions, clicks and conversions are tracked individually for each banner.  Once you have enough impressions collected you can analyze which banner ad provided the greatest number of clicks.

The Banner Ad Placement

Now let’s look at the banner ad placement.  Let’s assume that you have a single ad that you know performs well, but you can’t decide where the best placement for this ad is.  The Dimbal Banners module can help with this.  It can be tempting to simply create 1 single banner ad and include the easy javascript snippet in more then one place.  While this does work, it won’t provide you with the necessary data to compare and analyze banner ad placement.  

Go into your Banners account and create two banner ads.  Provide the same settings within each of them so that each Banner object will display the same visual ad.  Name them something different, such as “Widget Ad Version 1” and “Widget Ad Version 2”.  Alternatively you can name them according to how or where they will be placed on your site.  Now grab the Javascript snippet for each ad and place them on your site.  Place one ad in one location and the other ad in the other location you want to test.  Now you will have the exact same ad (according to the user) however they are really two different ads behind the scenes and their statistics and performance will be tracked individually.  After some time has gone by you can compare their performance to decide which placement does a better job. 
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