Understanding the NPS Property Manager

Your NPS Subscription allows you the ability to run multiple surveys from within the same subscription.  This is particularly useful if you wanted to run a generic NPS campaign as well as a specific targeted one, say at the end of the checkout process.

Each individual survey is known as a property.  Using the Property Manager you can create and manage the individual settings of each property within your account.

You can access the Property Manager through the Dashboard Menu item within the Main Menu.  Once the property manager is loaded it should look something similar to the following: 

NPS Property Manager

From within the Property Manager there are several unique things that you can do.

First is that the property manager allows you to see at a glance the properties that you have setup within your account.

To edit the details of a specific property, use the edit button to be taken to the Property Editor.

To view the individual responses submitted for a given property, use the Responses Icon.

The Launch Test button allows you to launch a popup and see an example of what the survey looks like to your users.

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