Getting Traffic to your WordPress Blog

Getting Links to your Blog

Someone wrote a comment on one of my articles that I had written about the need to have a WordPress blog. The point made was that whether you have a WordPress blog or one of the other types of blogs, you still have to have people coming to your site.

Traffic is a part of the formula that you must have for the success of your Internet venture. Without people coming to your web site you will have no sales. Without sales, you have no Internet income.

In this article I will discuss how to get links to your WordPress blog. If you just bought a new domain and put a WordPress blog on that domain you will not get any traffic. That is, unless you have lots of links pointing to your blog. Remember, “no links equals no visitors”. Let me say it another way, you have got to get links pointing to your site or you will not succeed!

These links should be high in terms of quality. If you get twenty five links from sites that are not authority sites it will not do you much good. It would be much wiser to get five links from web sites that have good page rank and are closely matched to the overall theme of your blog.

There are basically two ways to get these types of links. First, you can research the web and find high quality web sites that are theme related to your’s and email them asking for links to your site. However, why would they want to link to your new page rank zero site?

An alternative approach to help you build links is to look at building up a “Blog Farm” or a collection of related, but unique blogs. A blog farm has one distinct advantage, it is under your complete control. Instead of having to go asking for links, you will have the ability to post a link from your blog farm to your new WordPress blog yourself. You will have the power to add a link to “any” new blog that you build in the future.

Be careful – don’t just spin up duplicate content linking all over the place as that won’t do much.  Instead find related but unique niche’s that you can dedicate an entire blog too.  Then, when appropriate, link between the blogs to help build up credibility.

If you approach this by focusing on unique topics then you won’t have to worry about being penalized by search engines.  Let’s look at an example.  Let’s assume that you want to create a blog on Travel.  That’s a pretty broad topic and will be difficult for you dominate the SEO space in that topic.  Instead decide upon what niche areas of travel you want to focus on.  Maybe you make a blog that focuses on traveling on a budget.  Maybe you make another blog that focuses on traveling with a family.  Each of these topics are unique and you can create custom and relevant content to each topic.  Occasionally you will be able to link between the two sites when topics are relevant.  Boom – you’ve just created a blog farm that will help each of your blogs grow each other’s traffic.

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