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5 Ways to Gamify your Survey

Gamification is the process of putting game mechanics into, well, practically anything.  How then do you gamily a survey? For some - when they heard the word gamify they think that these are tricks to make your completion rates higher.  it is [...]

5 Tips to increase Survey Accuracy

Use these 5 simple tips to improve your survey questions and get more accurate data. 1. Know your objectives. Each question takes valuable time away from your respondents.  Ensure that each one is valuable and provides benefit.  To do this [...]

When to Require Answers to Survey Questions

There is a simple truth in Surveys.  The data is critical to you and your organization - but not necessarily critical to your respondent.   Keep in mind that there may be several questions that they do not want to respond to. [...]

Don't Over-Complicate your Survey

The title says it all for this one.  Keep your surveys simple and don't over-complicate them.  You will get more results and you will have more data to work with. In short - keep it simple. What makes a simple survey?  What makes a [...]

Reducing Opinion Bias in your Surveys

Today I want to elaborate a little on one of the topics brought up in a previous article.  That topic is on Opinion Bias. From a previous article we wrote: "Imagine if we had to go to our boss and give a level of certainty against choosing choice A [...]

5 Tips for Good Survey Questions

Writing a good survey is difficult.  The core of a good survey is in the quality of the questions within the survey.  Use these simple tips to writing good survey questions. Tip 1. Avoid Leading Questions. Leading questions are those that [...]

5 Effective Survey Tips

Let's face it - writing an effective survey is hard.  There is always the nagging feeling of "did I do it right?", "can I trust my responses?" These 5 simple tips for writing effective surveys will help you have more confidence in the survey [...]

Should you allow multiple responses to your poll?

Creating an effective poll depends largely on how you allow your users to respond.  Do you allow them to choose multiple answers or do you force them to just choose one? Purpose of the Poll Before you can determine the right method for your poll [...]

3 Key Objectives of Testing a Survey

The test phase for a survey is a critical part of the development process.  This is in essence your last opportunity to ensure that the survey is setup properly before sending it out to the wild.  Once the survey is released changing it can [...]

What is Survey Skip Logic?

Basic Example of Survey Skip Logic Let's assume the following survey about Horses.  The questions below are numbered 1-5 along with the choices from a-b What activities do you use horses for Work Transportation Hunting Other What [...]
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