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10 ways to use a Link Tracking Service on your Website or Blog

Posted: Jan 1, 2016

Link Tracking ServiceThere are many useful ways to use a link tracking service on your website or blog.  Often these are overlooked or forgotten about.  Read below to see the list of ways that you can use a link tracking service to get more information about your website and it's users.

1. Add the link tracking service to the links in your header (even though they are navigating within your own website). This will let you know which header links are clicked on the most.

2. Create different links through the link tracking services for each link within a newsletter - even if they point to the same final destination.  That way you can tell which link placement within the newsletter is the most effective.

3. When you create links on forums or other blogs, use the link tracking service to create a unique link for each location, that way you can track where your visitors are coming from.

4. If you have an affiliates program, use the link tracking service to provide a unique link for each affiliate and link type.  This will allow you to provide more in depth analytics and click data to you affiliates.

5. When you run sales or promotions, use the link tracking service to track the clicks on those marketing assets.  This has multiple benefits.  First you will see the response and click rate to your marketing efforts.  Second, many link tracking services also let you specify a start and end date, and then allow you to specify a certain action to do when the link is clicked, outside of the start and end date window.

6. QR Code link tracking service.  If you use QR Codes, have your QR Code point to your link tracking service, then forward on to it's ultimate destination.  QR Codes by design do not have any tracking built into them and this will allow you track how many scans (hits) your QR Code is receiving.

7. Contests, promotions and other giveaways.  Many link tracking services have a built in start and end date that can be customized.  You can then specify certain action to do if the link is clicked before the start date arrives or after the end date has passed.  You can use these features within your link tracking service to control a promotion or giveaway.  You can direct users to a specific landing spot during the promotion and then an alternate location when the link is clicked on outside of the event window.

8. A/B Experimentation.  Sometimes knowing the right wording to use within a link can be a difficult conclusion to arrive at.  With a link tracking service you can use data to prove which link is more effective.  You can use the link tracking service as an A/B Experimentation platform to help you know which versions of a link are more effective.  Simply show 50% of your users one link and the other 50% the other link.  Then let the data prove which link is more effective.

9. If you have items available for download (such as a free downloads, etc) use your link tracking service to record the number of clicks on the downloaded file.  Many link tracking services will allow you to specify a file via a url for download rather then visiting a destination.

10. If you have reference information available, such as PDF user manuals, power point slides, etc, be sure to have them go through your link tracking service so that you can see how many times the content has been accessed.  PDF files, powerpoint files, etc, are not tracked via tools such as google analytics and often their usage (or lack of usage) is overlooked and misunderstood.

Hopefully these 10 ways to use a Link Tracking Service on your Website or Blog sparked some ideas in your mind.  If you come up with some others we would love to hear about them.

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