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Posted: Aug 2, 2016

Open Book

We have been running the Dimbal Blog for several years now.  Through it we have been able to add lots of advice, announce products and make general commentary on what is going on in the industry today.  Here is a quick look back at 5 of our most popular articles for the last several years.


What are Ambiguous Questions

The definition of an Ambiguous Question within a survey is a question in which there is more then a single way to interpret it.  When a question is vague or generalized, this creates an ambiguous interpretation.


What does NPS stand for?

NPS is an abbreviation for Net Promoter Score. Occasionally I have heard NPS stand for Net Promoter System or Net Promoter Survey, however the proper acronym that is generally accepted is Net Promoter Score.


Example net promoter score (NPS) Reports

This article highlights several features of the Net Promoter Score service offered through  The service offered is a hosted NPS survey system that allows you to run NPS surveys without having to build out the analysis or reporting for yourself.

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