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5 Tips for Good Survey Questions

Posted: Aug 11, 2013

Helpful Survey TipsWriting a good survey is difficult.  The core of a good survey is in the quality of the questions within the survey.  Use these simple tips to writing good survey questions.

Tip 1. Avoid Leading Questions.

Leading questions are those that inspire the user to answer a certain way.  Avoid questions that could influence the respondent to answer a certain way.

Tip 2. Avoid Assumptions

Assumptions in questions assume that the user knows something or has a piece of knowledge.  Don't assume that your users know something that is critical to answering the question properly.

Tip 3. Avoid Jargon

Be very careful not to use jargon or industry specific words.  Even though they are your customers they might know what the term means and will not be able to answer your survey properly.

Tip 4. Avoid Double Negatives

Don't use double negatives in your questions.  it confuses the respondents and they end up focusing more on trying to understand what you are asking rather then focusing on how they should answer.

Tip 5. Adopt Standards and Definitions

Maintain a pattern through the survey.  If you abbreviated something, continue abbreviating it throughout the survey.  Respondents might answer differently to the abbreviation then they would otherwise.

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