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5 Tips to increase Survey Accuracy

Posted: Sep 24, 2014

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Use these 5 simple tips to improve your survey questions and get more accurate data.

1. Know your objectives.

Each question takes valuable time away from your respondents.  Ensure that each one is valuable and provides benefit.  To do this you need to know your objectives before you begin.  Have a goal for each question and ensure that the question will be able to achieve that goal.

2. Know the type of Information needed

There are so many different ways to gather data, multiple choice choices, rating scales, etc... Each data type is designed to get a different kind of information out of the question.  Ensure that you are using the right type of question to get the correct type of data that you need.

3. Question Sequency

Respondents change as they go through your survey.  They may answer more accurately to the initial questions in your survey if the survey is too long.  If the tool you are using has an option to randomize the question sequence, use it (assuming that your survey does not need a specific order).

4. Keep the Survey Interesting

If your users see no value in taking your survey - they won't.  Keep the questions interesting and relevant to topics that your respondents want to answer on.  They will give you their opinions if they see the value of giving it to you.

5. Collect the data Properly

This one might seem obvious but can be easily overlooked.  Ensure that you are inviting opinion bias into your survey.  This is often done by not inviting everyone who needs to respond or not allowing enough time for responses.

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