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What Content Should Small Businesses Post to their Facebook Page

Posted: Sep 24, 2013

Facebook Page Icon Often I get asked, what type of content should someone post their their small business Facebook Page.  This could be an Accountant, and Attorney, etc.  This is a great question, so let's dive in. Here is the Golden Rule:  Make it simple, fun and entertaining while providing some kind of value. Most users browse facebook as some form of a "break".  Maybe they need a 5 min escape while at work, etc.  Therefore the most successful content on facebook is content that is fun, visual and does not require a lot of thought on the users behalf.  This is not to say that links and heavy duty articles are not successful - rather that simple, fun and entertaining content on facebook can provide higher engagement. What type of content is fun, simple and entertaining?


From a business perspective one of your most successful tools will be the "Infographic".  This is a visual representation of a concept, facts or even a flow.  Info Graphics are relatively easy to create are explained in more depth in this article: How to create compelling Infographics for Social Media. Sample Infographics: Sample Infographics


Presentations are also very powerful.  Be careful here though.  There are a lot of presentations out in the world that are just horrible.  If you create a presentation keep the following simple rules in mind:
  • Aim for less then 10 slides
  • Use images or graphics in practically every slide
  • Use a professional theme (template)
  • Host it at a site like Slide Share so that users can view online rather then having to download, then open
Sample slideshows being shared on Sample Slides

Video Content

Videos are another great tool.  I have seen several small business practitioners use video blog posts to their advantage.  They purchase a simple webcam (or use a built in one).  The spend maybe 2-3 mins sharing important news and updates about the industry in which they are serving.  The first time you do it, it may take a lot of time, but if you make it a routine you can record, save and upload a decent 3 min video clip in about 15-20 mins.

Well Written Content

The default standard of course is well written content.  Let's look at this a little more objectively.  You can find services where you can get an SEO targeted article for as low as $5.  Don't be fooled however.  These may pull in SEO leads, however chances are that they will provide little benefit to your Social Media Channels.  The content that is provided to your Social Media channels needs to be longer, offer more value and generally be of a much higher quality bar.


Most Social Media Marketing experts will agree that if you create compelling, original content, your social media outlets will grow.  More importantly, it will grow with the right people that are interested in your content.  The growth may be slow at first, but if will grow. Join the discussion - what content has been the most successful for you on your Small Business Facebook Page?
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