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Asking customers the ultimate question

Posted: Dec 16, 2015

Survey TakerAsking the ultimate customer service question allows companies to understand whether or not their customers would recommend them to their family and friends.  This question is then tallied up to form the Net Promoter Score. The net promoter score is an index from -100 to 100 that tells you whether you have more customers promoting your business or more customers demoting your business.  

Asking the ultimate question of your customers is such a critical step in ensuring that your business is doing the right thing.  You may have a wonderful product, but if your customers are not satisfied for any reason, they will not recommend you.  Personal recommendations to family and friends is often the bread and butter in a companies marketing arsenal. After the ultimate customer question has been asked, it is vital to follow it up with an open ended question.  Why?  That simple word can provide you with so much value.  Users are free to explain their answer without any misleading questions, misguided actions or other potentially problematic details.

An NPS survey is really just a straight forward single (or double) question survey.  The question looks like this: "How likely are you to recommend XYZ Company to your family and friends" An optional followup question is then presented: "Why"

Despite its simplicity there are a lot of misunderstandings and points of confusion around NPS.  One such instance is whether or not NPS is considered a vanity metric despite the Wall Street Journal naming NPS as the one critical stat you need to know. NPS is rapidly changing the way customer service teams interpret customer data.  it is opening up new ways for these companies to communicate with their customers and receive insight into their performance.  

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