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How to Delete or Reschedule a Scheduled Post on Facebook

Posted: Jan 18, 2015

Facebook pages allow you to schedule future posts for your Facebook page.  For more info on scheduling a post read our tutorial on Scheduling a Post to a Facebook page.

How to Delete / Reschedule a Scheduled Post on Facebook

Once your scheduled post has been submitted you may for whatever reason want to change it, delete it or reschedule.  Thankfully doing so is very easy. Go to your Facebook page.  You will need to have proper permissions to view the Activity tab and publish posts within the Facebook Page. On the Activity Tab, go to the scheduled posts section. You should then see a list of upcoming scheduled posts over on the right hand side. scheduled-posts   Underneath your post you will see the scheduled date that the post will publish on. If you need to make changes, there is a menu that you can access.  Although it is hidden, unless you are hovering over the content.  The menu is accessed via a downward facing arrow on the right hand side of the scheduled post. deleting-or-reschedulingAs you can see from this menu, you have a few options available to you. To delete the post, use the "Delete Post" option and delete the post from the publishing queue. To edit your content, in this example the text that says "This is the content of my new post", you can hit the "Edit" option and be taken to a menu to edit the contents of the post. You also have options to change the Scheduled time as well as forcing the post to publish right away.  
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