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Dimbal Banner Manager Version 2 Product Announcement

Posted: Jul 20, 2014

Dimbal Banner ManagerAnnouncing the availability of the new Dimbal Banner Manager, a fully featured website banner ad management software application.

The Dimbal Banner Manager was engineered to be powerful, feature rich and yet easy to implement.  With just a small snippet of code you can include individual Banners, groups of Banners and more, anywhere on your website.

Banners ads are a great way to help monetize your website content.  In addition a Banner Management application can help you run internal promotions, display random content and highlight new posts and information. The Dimbal Banner Manager has a large number of key features to make your banner ad management fast and easy. Below is just a small sampling of the features available to you in the Dimbal Banner Manager.
  • Administration Panel.  A powerful administration panel is provided to assist in the administering of your software.
  • Advertiser Grouping.  Group your banners by advertising for side by side metrics and comparisons.
  • Impression and Click Tracking.  Track both a banners impression rate as well as click rate.  See valuable insights on daily basis on a banners performance.
  • Unlimited Banners / Advertisers.  There is no maximum to the total number of Banner or Advertisers that can be added to the system.
  • Zone Organization.  Define logical groups for your banners (such as ad placement locations) then the Dimbal Banner Manager takes care of determining what banner should be shown.
  • Start Date.  An option to allow the form to automatically start processing results on a specified date.
  • End Date.  An option to allow the form to automatically stop processing results on a specified date.
  • Status.  Multiple status states to help you manage forms that are being created, are live, are expired and are deleted.
And Much Much More! The Dimbal Banner Manager is a downloadable solution written in PHP and MySQL. Installation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Need help along the way? Support is available through our support channel. Want more information? Visit the Dimbal Banner Manager Product Page.
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