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Dimbal FAQ Manager Version 2 Product Announcement

Posted: May 5, 2014

Dimbal FAQ ManagerAnnouncing the availability of the new Dimbal FAQ Manager, a fully featured faq management software application. The Dimbal FAQ Manager was engineered to be powerful, feature rich and yet easy to implement.  With just a small snippet of code you can include custom made faqs anywhere on your website. FAQs are a great way to provide help and support to your users while at the same time reducing your customer service costs.  The Dimbal FAQ Manager is designed to work as either a standalone application or to be embedded into an existing website or blog. The Dimbal FAQ Manager has a large number of key features to make your faq management easy and effective.  Below is just a small sampling of the features available to you in the Dimbal FAQ Manager.
  • Administration Panel.  A powerful administration panel is provided to assist in the administering of your software.
  • Keywords and Tags.  Assign keywords and tags to FAQ articles to assist with searching and locating of FAQ articles.
  • Start Date.  An option to allow the faq to automatically begin on a specified date.
  • End Date.  An option to allow the faq to automatically end on a specified date.
  • Status.  Multiple status states to help you manage faqs that are being created, are live, are expired and are deleted.
  • Hit Counter.  The total number of times that faq has been accessed is tracked automatically.
  • Detailed FAQ Reporting.  A detailed report per FAQ is provided to help analyze the unique hit rate, the number of days before an answer was provided and other details about the FAQ.
  • Zones.  Zones allow you to group your faqs into logical groups and display a random faq from that group.
  • Unlimited FAQs.  The system has no limit on the number of faqs that can be in the system at one time.
The Dimbal FAQ Manager is a downloadable solution written in PHP and MySQL.  Installation is easy and takes less than 5 minutes. Need help along the way?  Support is available through our support channel. Want more information?  Visit the Dimbal FAQ Manager Product Page.
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