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Using the Dimbal Link Manager as a QR Code Scan Tracking Solution

Posted: Jun 10, 2013

QR Code Scanning ExampleQR Codes are a great marketing tool.  it allows companies and products to share information in locations that normally wouldn't be able to get information across.  QR Codes have been used to register votes, to download product information and even signup for newsletters. The biggest problem with QR Codes is that is can be very difficult to track scans of QR Codes.  Well - that can all change using the Dimbal Link Manager.  You can use the Dimbal Link Manager as a QR Code tracking solution. In the Dimbal Link Manager, every single link in the system is given an associated QR Code.  This allows that QR Code to be tracked after a user scans it.  Let's explain how this happens. You create a new link in the Dimbal Link Manager.  You set the end point for where the user should go when they click on the link or scan the QR Code.  Let's say that it goes to  You then take the associated QR Code and send it out on mailer that you mail to your customer base. When your clients receive the mailer they decide that they want to scan the QR Code.  From the QR Code scanner the code is interpreted as a URL.  The user is first taken to the Dimbal Link Manager, installed on your website, and records the hit.  The Dimbal Link Manager then forwards the user onto the destination location (previously setup as  All of this happens so fast that the user won't even have time to notice. This simple integration of QR Codes and Link Tracking allows you to track the number of scans a particular QR Code receives.  The Dimbal Link Manager is even smart enough to tell when a hit came in via a QR Code and when it came in via a regular click on a webpage link. The Dimbal Link Manager, a smarter way to manage and track your website links. Want more information? Visit the Dimbal Link Manager Product Page.
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