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Posted: Aug 21, 2015

The Dimbal Link Manager was engineered to be powerful, feature rich and yet easy to implement.  Just point your links to the link management endpoint and you will have tracking information on how, what, when and how. The Dimbal Link Manager is designed to be a transparent link tracking system.  This means that your users will most likely not even know that it is even being used.  When a link is used a hit is recorded and then the software passes the user onto the designated designation. Below are screenshots from the Dimbal Link Manager, a smarter way to manage and track links within your website. Screenshot #1.  This screenshot is of the QR Code generator that is built into the core of the Dimbal Link Manager.  For every link that is created within the Dimbal Link Manager a corresponding QR Code is also created.  This code can be generated in several dozen sizes and has tracking built into it.  Using the Dimbal Link Manager you can now know exactly how many scans your QR Code received. Dimbal Link Manager with QR Code Tracking Screenshot #2.  This screenshot is of the Link Management page within the Dimbal Link Manager.  This page allows you to search for tracked links within the Dimbal Link Manager.  You can also get a high level overview of details about the link including how many hits it has received. Dimbal Link Manager Screenshot #3.  This screenshot is of the link editor within the Dimbal Link Manager.  Each link has a large selection of settings that can be manipulated to change how your link tracking is handled.  For example you can choose to have a link route to a different URL after a specified date.  Just one of the many features built into the Dimbal Link Manager. dlm-link-editor-700   Dimbal Link Manager Software Box Dimbal Link Manager Want to learn more?  Visit the Dimbal Link Manager Product Page.
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