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QR Codes are a great tool for marketing efforts.  They can also be used in tracking items or website usage.  That's why we are publishing our Free QR Code Generator so that you can create a QR Code for any URL. Free QR Code Generator The most useful aspect of the free qr code generator is that it allows you to choose the appropriate size of your qr code in over 20 some odd choices.  That way you can download the appropriate size qr code, rather then trying to deal with resizing and scaling issues. The free qr code generator is available here. If you are interested in tracking hits and clicks to a particular QR Code, you may want to look into the Dimbal Link Manager.  The Dimbal Link Manager allows you to create QR Codes and retain a tracking reference to clicks of the system.  Monitor and analyze the performance of your QR Codes using the Dimbal Link Manager.    
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