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Posted: Feb 12, 2015

Dimbal has released the Free Link Extractor Tool which is a tool that allows you to extract links from a given webpage.  It can be found here. Link Extractor The tool is actually rather straight forward and can be a huge benefit in your SEO endeavors.  Search engines will look at several aspects of the links on your site.
  1. Do the links go to relevant other sites (or are they just random)
  2. What is the keyword text being presented within the link itself
  3. Is there a title tag to help give more details about the link
There are many more details that search engines look at - but a full treatment of that topic is out of scope here. The free link extractor tool as does some really useful stuff with the resulting data.  For starters it formats the data into both a JSON object blob as well as a PHP array.  That way you have the list of link information ready to go inside of a program or other code tool you are using. Link Extractor JSON Link Extractor PHP For more information you can visit the main page of the Free Link Extractor Tool.
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