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Posted: Aug 30, 2015

The NPS Monitoring framework has an exciting new feature to share about.  Support for hosted NPS forms are now available.

With a hosted NPS form you now have the flexibility to just share a link with your customers or clients and allow them to submit their feedback at their leisure.  

Your dedicated link can also be used in printed materials such as invoices and receipts.  This allows your customers to submit feedback even if they are not at a computer right at that moment.

If you have multiple survey properties setup, each one has it's own dedicated URL.  To access the URL to your hosted NPS Survey use the following steps:

  • Log into your NPS Monitoring Account.
  • Go to the Dashboard Menu and select the Code Maker link menu.
  • Choose the tab entitled "Hosted URL".
  • Copy and Paste the url provided to access your hosted NPS Survey.

Hosted NPS Survey URL

Want to get an even shorter url?  Take advantage of a URL shorterner service such as the Google URL Shortner available at to get an even shorter version of your forms URL.

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