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How Social Media Boomed Internet Marketing In 2012

Posted: Jun 24, 2013

Social media has taken off and it took with it Internet marketing. Social networks have become so popular than ever that it has become a valuable tool for Internet marketers. Nothing has been more effective in the delivery of the message than the use of social media. Internet marketers have seen this phenomenon and as they have increased their social media presence they have seen the benefit that it brings to their efforts and to boost the awareness of the brands they are carrying.

Marketing using social media has become part of the overall marketing mix in 2012. More businesses have seen the potential of social media in delivering information to the people. More so, an increased awareness will lead to better product exposure that business can only dream of in the past.

Word of mouth

Social media proved to be the most important vehicle to drive word-of-mouth marketing. People generally want to ask for referrals before making any purchases or patronizing any products. The use of social media means that people can be informed about products and services and at the same time ask for recommendations. It has become easy to look at the consumers giving comments on the pages of certain businesses. Now likes are no longer the yardstick that makes the page a success. It is how being received by commenters that drive its success. The changes in the Facebook pages allow people to comment without necessarily having to like the page first.


More people spend time on social media than in any other places on the Internet. This means that most of the eyeballs can be found on Facebook or Twitter. With this information it is important for marketers to take advantage of this phenomenon. Marketers that are able to push the information to the news feeds and timelines have better chances of getting noticed. Plus promotional feeds and sponsored links makes the whole marketing push worthwhile.

A billion eyeballs

Who would not like to market to a potential billion set of eyeballs? Facebook has announced that it has a billion visitors monthly which makes the potential of social media as a potent marketing tool more exciting. Now more than ever, a marketing platform has the ability to drive a message better to more people than any other medium. Adding to the instant gratification of a feedback, marketers are able to get information and at the same time address customer concern while having the ability to push the information to people that matters.


Another exciting thing that happened in 2012 is the emergency of location-based social media. These sites, such as Foursquare, Path and, have generated data which will become invaluable to marketers. Now marketers have a lot of choices of consumer-driven data that can give them a general sense of their consumers? preferences and opinion about places, products and services.

In 2012, a lot has been done to make Internet marketing a very exciting field. With the use of emerging technologies new rules have been drafted. These new rules will make marketing easier and more beneficial to consumers.

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