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Image Optimization for SEO

Posted: Sep 9, 2013

undefinedImage optimization is an important part of your overall SEO strategy.  The best approach is one that is engrained in your process so that you don't think about it, rather you just do it.  However from time to time it may be smart to revist your pages and ensure your images are compliant.

Image Titles

Although image titles don’t have a major impact on your search engine rank, you should be using them. It can be as simple as adding one or two of your keywords in there - but keep it natural. Don’t try and put a string of keywords in there for the sake of it.  Rather try to keep it sounding natural with the main keyword you want to target.

Image File Name

One of the most important factors with your images is the actual file name itself. Try to give the file a descriptive name.  For example if you have an image of a red Gucci bag, you need to name it as such.  Don't ever use default names such as “image1234.png”.  This tells the search bots nothing about the image.  Instead rename the image to “red-gucci-bag.png”. The actual Search Bots don’t have eyes and can’t see your image, they do however have brains, and therefore they scan the file name and the text around the image to get an idea of what your image is about.  Try to keep your filenames descriptive so they can categorize them correctly.

Alt Tags

Using the file name system mentioned above, Google will be able to categorize your image but there is a step further that you can go which is even more helpful, and this is the alt tag. The alt tag is scanned by Google bots and used by all search engines as well as screen readers. For somebody who is hard of sight, the screen reader will give them information on the image using what is contained inside the alt tags, making them extremely important. Therefore, the alt tag should always contain an image description. Also, try to include a few keywords in there but keep it natural and do not over do it.


At the start of the article we mentioned that these should be items that are ingrained into your process.  If you have to go back and optimize your images for SEO after they have already been released, then you actually missed a lot of opportunity.  keep the above in mind as you are adding the images and you will save time in the long run and get a higher return on your image value.

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