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Infographic - 5 Critical On-Page SEO Tips

Posted: Oct 11, 2014

Infographic - 5 Critical On Page SEO Tips


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Code to Use:

<a href="" title=" Automated SEO Scans"><img src="" alt=" Automated SEO Analysis" /></a>


Meaningful Title

Your principle keyword should be first in the title.  use other keywords targeting 25-55 characters total.

Description Meta Tag

Provide a human readable description meta tag that is keyword rich.  This is the selling pitch for the page.

IMG Alt Attributes

Every image must have an alt attribute.  Use keyword rich text that accurately describes the image.

Valuable Heading

Utilize a single H1 tag and multiple H2 tags to reinforce the pages content and keyword themes.

Keyword Density

Ensure that your page is rich with multiple occurences of your principle keyword as well as keyword variations.

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