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Maximizing your Twitter Traffic

Posted: Dec 24, 2013

Maximizing Twitter TrafficIf you're an internet marketer, you'll want to take control of social networks to maximize your visibility and profits. It's necessary in today's world of technology to keep up with the latest marketing trends. By networking with others and making contact lists, you will expand your growth and opportunities. Don't limit yourself. If you use Facebook, fine, but also include Twitter. In only a few short years, Twitter has become a common way to communicate, for business as well as personal. It's a worldwide phenomenon, which means you can reach potential customers and contacts around the globe. Twitter is whatever you want it to be. Some people use it to chat and let others know what they're doing. Some chat for sports, some for news, some for the latest celebrity gossip. But it's also used as a serious tool to get information out about businesses, services, products, and events. You can actually increase your visibility and expand your reach through this simple and popular method of communication. How? Simple. Twitter can drive traffic to your website, product, or service, which is bound to increase sales. The first thing you'll need to do is open a Twitter account, and let everyone know you're now using it. Second, put the Twitter address on your website, and use it as a signature for all of your outgoing e-mail messages. Blogs and newsletters are fine, but you should maximize every advertising avenue available to you, especially Twitter, since it's free. Don't let your Twitter account just sit there. Use it to send a Tweet (message) at least once a day. Tweet about your latest development or future project. Don't make each one sound like it's sent by a robot once a day. Send a personal one occasionally. Be genuine, but professional. Tweet some advice, some good news about someone else, and even ask about your customers wants and needs. Tweets are brief, 140 characters, so learn how to say a lot with just a few words. If you're in real estate, Tweet about the the beautiful house you're about to show, or invite people to an open house, or talk about the latest sale you made. If you have an online magazine you're trying to get paid subscribers for, offer a free short article once in a while, or ask potential readers what they'd like to see in an issue. Offer a poll question. People like answering polls online. It doesn't matter what business you're in or what project you have, Twitter is the way to get the word out and get noticed.
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