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Posted: Feb 6, 2014

The net promoter index is a component of the net promoter score (NPS).  The index correlates to what bucket (Promoter, Passive or Detractor) your users fall into. In short, the Net Promoter Index is a scale from 0-10.  Users complete a basic survey asking them how likely they are (from 0-10) to recommend you to others.  10 is very likely and 0 is not likely at all.

Net Promoter Index

The Net Promoter Score index of 0-10 is not simply calculated to provide an average.  Rather, users are broken down into 3 sub groups.  Promoters, Passives and Detractors.

NPS Groupings

Let's see how these groups are broken down.

  • Promoter (scores of 9-10).  Promoters are loyal users who will keep buying from you and referring others, even during a hard time.  They fuel your company.
  • Passive (scores of 7-8).  Passive users are satisfied with the service and feel they got a fair deal.  They do not speak badly about your company - however they are not loyal and are susceptible to competitive offers and changing landscapes.
  • Detractor (scores of 0-6). Detractors are users who are unhappy and can damage your brand with their complaints and negative word of mouth.

Notice how the Detractor group is much larger then the other groups.  This is primarily due to the effect that detractors can have on your brand.  Their negative reviews can do a lot more damage then a positive review can do good.  Users who are even in the 4-5 range may tell friends something along the lines of "the service was ok but I wouldn't recommend them".  This is a classic case of users who are not particularly "angry" with your brand, but are still actively detracting from it with a negative review.  Many times they are not even meaning to be negative.

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