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Example Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reports

Posted: Oct 22, 2014

With a free subscription to's NPS Module there are several very useful reports that you get access to.

Dashboard Net Promoter Score Report

The most useful Net Promoter Score report is the Dashboard report that shows you what you current NPS trending scores are.  NPS scores are automatically calculated for a predetermined set of time (usually a 30 day window).  This allows you to quickly see at a glance your running NPS score and the performance of your surveys.

The number of promoters, passives and detractors are all shown with both counts and percentages to easily understand what metrics are effecting your score.

Net Promoter Score Reporting Dashboard  

Along with the dashboard report is a color coded daily trend on response volume.  This allows you to see when various scores were received allowing you to correlate them to events that have occurred within your business or product. Pinpoint trend changes, spikes, dips, etc.

Rolling Averages

Another useful report is one that displays the NPS score and response count as a rolling average over a period of time.  This could be a 7 day rolling average, 30 day rolling average, etc.  A rolling average takes all responses for the last 30 days and averages them together.  This report is especially useful in equalizing the short variance in your score data and being able to identify longer terms trends.

Net Promoter Score Rolling Average Report

Period of Time Aggregations

Similar to the rolling averages, it can be useful to look at the data on week by week basis or month by month basis.  The aggreagation graphs accomplish that by allowing you to select a period of time, and then group your NPS score by week, month, quarter or even by year.  Your NPS score will be calculated according to all responses within the selected time frame.

Net Promoter Score Timeframe Aggregation Report

Direct NPS Comment Reports

Text analysis is a powerful tool and we have several reports to analyze customers feedback.  The raw feedback data is available to view, in an easy to read and gauge format.  Responses are color coded according to promoter, passive or detractor.  The NPS score is provided along with optional details about the client.

Net Promoter Score User Comment Report  



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