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New PHP Fundamentals Quiz

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Posted: Nov 17, 2017



Short and fast quizzes are a great way to quickly test your knowledge of a certain subject.  For that reason we have just recently launched our newest quiz: PHP Fundamentals.

Some of the sample questions include:

  • Each line in a PHP statement must end with which of the following characters?
  • What does PHP stand for?
  • Which of the following operators evaluates equality using both value and type when doing comparisons?
  • Which of the following operators does not evaluate as a comparison between two values
  • Which of the following delimiters begins a block of PHP script?
  • All variables within the PHP language begin with which character?
  • What is the correct way to declare a new function in PHP?
  • Which of the following is not an example of the built in super global variables in PHP?
  • How do you add a comment in PHP?
  • What is the proper syntax for creating a basic array in PHP?

Start taking the quiz here: PHP Fundamentals Quiz.



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