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Posted: Sep 2, 2014

Recently we launched the free Image Extraction Tool.  The Image Extraction tool is a free online tool to help you generate a list of images found within a designated webpage. Use it to extract a list of images into a JSON variable, PHP array or just to print out for reference.

Verify Image Alt Attributes

The tool also allows you to use to validate your images for SEO optimization.  The value is in the printout that is returned.  Let's look at the example below. Free Image Extractor Tool In the printout we can see some basic information about the page that is being returned.  A column is even displayed to show the contents of the ALT attribute for the image.  Using this tool we can quickly verify that the contents of the images do in fact match what we want them to say. Keep in mind that you want each image asset on your site to have a valid and useful alt attribute in them.  using this tool you can ensure that every image attribute does in fact have contents and that they are meaningful. You can access the Free Image Extractor Tool here.

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