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Pinterest - The Current Big Player In Social Media

Posted: Mar 3, 2015

There's no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are on the topmost tier in the social media sphere. However, the bigger player based on its growing popularity would be Pinterest. In fact, everyone's dubbed it as the next big thing in the social media as it has finally brought a lot of excitement in the internet. Pinterest has actually millions of active users that have been socializing on the site, and the number is still growing.

But what makes it actually the next big thing in social media?

Well, for one, Pinterest just has this amazing way to function as a big socializing blog for individuals who have registered on the site. Users can pin and repin everything on Pinterest, like for example product photos for the user's business purposes, recipes, plain experiences and many more. There is much more that Pinterest has to offer. Its rising popularity has contributed for Pinterest to become the next big thing in social media. The site has actually started to be given life on the internet world in year 2010, but it was not until 2011 that Pinterest started to wow the users. But during the time, only people who have received invitation from Pinterest or from a Pinterest user would have the chance to join in and given the opportunity to use the services.

Then later, the rules changed, anyone can now easily register to Pinterest even without invitation or sending in requests for invitation. Upon the Launching date, it went from 1 million then to 7 million in just month. Then in just less than two years, this new social media has had its population to reach 25 million. In fact, there is actually a report that more people spend more time in Pinterest today that in Tweeter and Facebook. This is true as the site achieved the title of being the third most popular site for social media in the whole wide web. But then again the position for being the third is fought by YouTube, Google plus and Pinterest as of now.

You might be wonder what do people get when using Pinterest. If you had not tried the site yet, then you need to know first that Pinterest functions as a social media that is based on images. This kind of concept is new in the social media world. No other social media giants have introduced this kind of system. This might perhaps be the reason why the users have rapidly gathered to register on the site. Users have these characteristics to be interested in something new. Their curiosity on how good the network really is triggered.

When you use Pinterest, you will be able to build your own board, this board actually functions like a virtual pinning board. Using your board, you may be able to follow certain category or a subject that includes artwork, books, tips for home decorations, electronics and many more. The socialization process normally starts as other users repin somebody else's images and the pin gets publicity on the web that the image has been linked into.

Pinterest, with all these functions, actually makes it better for business purposes. As he business people learned about the great advantage they can acquire using the social media sites, Pinterest then has even grown in number. By using Pinterest in your business, this will create a unique way on exposing your products that directs viewers on your business website. If you will be able to have this function mastered in such a way that it maximizes your business's opportunity, then that would be great. If other people click on to your images, they will be brought to your page where your business receives even more views from potential clients.

Therefore, if your business involves strong visual shots for your products, then posting them in Pinterest will certainly be a benefit. Because this site grows more and more in user population, this makes it a good hunting site for possible clients.

As you can see, Pinterest does not just function as a social media for your colleagues but also for your business success.

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