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What is the process for creating a Survey

Posted: Jun 3, 2015

Creating a Survey

What is the process to create a Survey.  If you are given the task at work to create a customer feedback survey or product research survey - don't fear.  The task might seem daunting at first - but when broken down into simple steps.  The survey creation task is really quite simple. 

Step 1 Researching Objectives

The first step in the process for creating a survey is to research and define your key goal and objectives.  Do you want to gather research about a potential product?  Do you want to get feedback on your companies performance? Understanding what your goals are will allow you to conduct research on the information that you need to collect.  Break it down into key objectives or critical data points that you want to know at the end of the survey.  List these out and define the must haves against the nice to haves.

Step 2 Administration Method

Before you begin actually writing your questions and building your survey - you need to decide on a method for administering and distributing your survey.  Maybe this is an online tool that you purchase.  Maybe this is a 3rd party company that you hire.  Your choice should be based upon which will give you the most bang for your buck in terms of achiveving the outlined data goals from step 1. Not all methods are the same.  You may find as you begin crafting your survey questions that the defind administration method you choose is wrong.  That's ok.  You can change.  Just be cautious and ensure that you are changing directions for valid reasons that adhere to your goals - and not simply because of small cost differences or other details that can get in the way.

Question Creation

One important note about the question creation phase is that it is broken down into 4 smaller parts.  A good survey (and good survey questions) are comprised of paying attention to:

  • Question Wording
  • Question Sequence
  • Response Choices
  • Other Considerations


The pretesting phase is so often overlooked during the process for creating a survey.  The majority of your time is spent creating the right questions (as it should be) yet little thought is put into testing whether the questions truly yield data that can be useful to you. When you are creating your survey - do not underestimate the importance of testing.

Preparing the Final Version

This step really should mention something about the final delivery of your Survey.  The delivery method can have a strong influence on the success of your survey.  Both for good and bad.  Choose a delivery format that reaches your target audience.  Eliminative burdens to completion so that your users will have no excuse in not participating.  All of these are valuable steps that can be testing during your testing phase - but need to have a close eye on even during the final delivery phase.


The next time you are asked to create a product survey or a customer satisfaction survey - embrace it.  Use this simple guide to help you organize the work into 5 simple steps.  The process for creating a survey helps to outline your thoughts and efforts and allow you to create a highly effective survey.  

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