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Reasons For Getting Social Media Into Web Design

Posted: Jan 1, 2014

Social media is one to the best tools that a website owner can use to drive traffic. A lot of websites use social media as part of marketing. It has the ability to attract potential customers. A website can establish a relationship with people interested with their services and you can push information about your products on people's wall or news feed. It is akin to the more antiquated form of delivering information to customers through email or catalogues. At the same time, social media allows customers to interact with shop owners. They are able to post questions about products. This fosters a unique personalized relationship that when used correctly will enable to build customer loyalty and repeat sales. This is the reason why there is a general need to merge social media into how your web site is designed.

A website that has fully integrated social media allows a continuing connection with customers. Even if the customers are no longer looking at your site; they are still able to connect with your business. Your business will figure prominently on their walls, after your customers have already left your site. Now, let us take a look at the reasons why it is important to integrate social media into your website design.

1. Sharing possibilities. This is perhaps the best reason why you have to integrate your web design with social media. This would allow your visitors to share what they find as beneficial to their friends. This multiplies the potential customers that you will have. This is the modern-day equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing. You get to spread what you have to offer to otherwise unsuspecting or non-prospects. This increases the likelihood that more people will buy into your product.

At the same time, the more your page is shared the better its standing with Google (or with other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, etc.). It enables your page to rank high in search engines which will make your page the top priority in the search results. This is an effortless way to drive more traffic, which is otherwise done using search engine optimization. You can save a lot of money this way because you are given a free ride to make your pages become the star of the Internet.

2. Comments. After your pages are shared, comments about your product speaks volumes. It allows third-party perspective on your offerings. Good reviews and satisfied customers are the best marketing solutions that you can use. It is free and effective. Most visitors would consider the comments made to drive their decision. This will reinforce the idea of word-of-mouth as you get free referrals. However, there is a catch to allowing comments to be posted. Comments that are unprofessional may impact the image of your website. It is important you consider ways to force visitors to use their real names so that they would more likely to post responsible comments.

3. Using social media logins. This is a neat trick that had been used quite often lately. Using the Facebook, Yahoo or Google log-ins of visitors, eliminate the need to enter a new set of credentials to post a comment or share a page. This will speed up the process of word-of-mouth marketing and at the same time encourage it. Your users will be busier in sharing the page, rather than remembering their user name and password. At the same time, it allows a more personalized interaction and cheaper maintenance costs.

Today's business climate online has drastically changed. However the traditional marketing principles will still hold water. In using social media, you are extending the possibilities of driving more people to know what you have to offer.

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