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Posted: Nov 22, 2017

At, it is very important to us that you have access to exceptional reporting capabilities when analyzing your SEO performance.  The Dimbal SEO Module provides several crititcal SEO Reports to help you analyze and understand the health and performance of your web pages.

SEO Reporting Dashboard

The most important SEO report within the SEO analysis module is the website dashboard.  From this SEO report you can see quickly how your entire site is performing against crititcal SEO checks.  Data is summarized and aggregated to give you a holistic view of your entire sites health.

SEO reporting Dashboard


Summarized SEO Checks Report

We know that your time is crititcal.  Therefore it is important to understand which items and changes to your site will have the biggest bang-for-buck.  The summarized SEO checks report displays your SEO analysis data in a grouped fashion so that it is fast and easy to tell which SEO tests are failing the most frequent.  You can then prioritize your fixes in a global fashion to improve the overall health of your site.

SEO Summarized Analysis Report

Additionally if you click into one of the summary rows within the SEO checks report, an expanded report will be displayed.  In this expanded report, additional information about each page that holds the violation will be shown.  This allows you pinpoint crititcal pages quickly and prioritize your repair efforts.

SEO detailed analysis report


SEO SiteMap Analysis Report

At we are always looking for new and innovative ways to display your SEO analysis data in actionable and meaningful ways.  The SEO SiteMap analysis report is a new step in this endeavor.  In this report we outline the folder structure of your scanned content and present basic data based upon the location of your content.  Youc an easily see if certain sections of your site are suffering greater SEO infractions compared to others.

SEO SiteMap Analysis Report

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