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Stepping Up Into Mobile Social Media Marketing

Posted: Aug 24, 2015

Are you thinking of expanding your business with the help of social media on mobile? If you are thinking along that line, then we have good news for you. It is very possible and not at all that complex. Since a lot of consumers have embraced the social media frenzy and have apps of those sites on their smart phones, this becomes a great opportunity for business owners to go into where the clients are. First thing to do is set up a mobile site for your company. It is not like your real website although it should contain all the necessary details. Your mobile website should be linked to social media sites and will be accessible with the use of apps. Many companies offer automated system that will take your existing business site contents and transform it into a mobile friendly format.

Once you have set up your website to be mobile friendly, you can now start offering good deals. For instance, when your client is always checking into your mobile site, tell other contacts about you or share their location with friends while they are in your premises, the act should be rewarded. So you can send your clients some discount coupons that can be accessed via the mobile site or linked to a site that gives special privileges or check in rewards. This idea will then make your mobile community buzz because you are giving rewards to people who check in and spread word about you.

Update followers of your site using mobile. Your clients should not be the only one who utilizes mobile access. Your company should be able to share and upload photos and videos, post current deals and vital information online from just anywhere so that your page remains fresh, updated and timely. Facebook for example allows users to update pages and accounts with the use of SMS or texts, mobile email and mobile apps and site. Reply to photo comments and encourage clients to participate on your deals and programs for a chance to be featured in your albums.

Social media is a really wonderful tool to bring your market and the clients closer. With the help of users? smart phones and mobile devices, they can connect and update with you wherever they are. Use every social media site possible to your mobile site. Crosslink those popular sites to your company so that whatever social media account your clients are using, they can easily tap to your site and interact. Make it a habit of answering inquiries on the site as soon as possible. Encourage your clients to use their smart phones or internet enabled devices to take photos with your company and post them in your site. Have a contest that is purely mobile enabled.

Clients appreciate companies that utilize social media, especially if they can see your site with mobile gadgets. They will have easier contact with you, opening the way to bigger sales and having more customers. The use of social media for marketing is already happening. So you have to maintain your quality and the services you offer should be accessible with fingertips. If you have a restaurant and you uses social media to connect and accept orders, your mobile site can be a great tool for clients to use. They do not need to go to a desktop to have their orders processed.

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