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Dimbal Link Manager with QR Code TrackingWe recently released the Dimbal Link Manager.  Reactions to the software have been super positive.  We wanted to compile a list of the top 5 features that users rave about from the Dimbal Link Manager. 1. Ease of Installation The comment we hear the most is how easy it is to install the Dimbal Link Manager.  Although we won't go into full details here, installation is as easy as copying the folder of code into your website, setting up a basic config file to connect to your database, then you are on your way to creating and tracking your links. 2. Easy Link Tracking Creating a link to track is as easy as it can be.  All you need to do is create the link within the Link Manager.  You will then be provided with a minified URL representing the link.  All clicks through that url is then tracked behind the scenes.  Simplicity is the essence of the Dimbal Link Manager. 3. QR Code Scan Tracking A QR Code is automatically created for every single link within the system.  Several dozen sizes are available for you to download so that you can place the link in all sorts of locations.  The best part is that scans of the QR Code by your users are automatically tracked within the system.  No more guessing about how many scans a QR Code has received. 4. No Subscription Fees Link Management should be simple, fast and economical.  Once you purchase the Dimbal Link Manager there are no other costs that you need to incur.  There are no monthly subscription or renewal fees. 5. Graphical Reporting The Dimbal Link Manager understands that tracking link clicks is only part of your management tasks. Understanding things such as hit rates, trends over time and other stats are useful in understanding the popularity of a link.  Detailed graphs and reports and built into the Dimbal Link manager to help you get the most out of your collected data. Want to learn more?  Visit the Dimbal Link Manager Product Page.
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