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How Often Should A Twitter Marketer Tweet?

Posted: Jan 2, 2015

Twitter LogoOkay. So you think if you hear of one more social network, you'll scream? Maybe you aren't the type of person who likes to be online or connected all the time. But consider this: If there was a free way to reach potential clients or customers around the globe, wouldn't you try it? This is what Twitter is about. You can tell the world about your project or product in 140 characters or less. You can use it as often as you like. Once a day, once a week, once a month. But the key is in the quality of tweets you send, not the quantity. You could send a million tweets a day, but if everyone is ignoring the same old message, why bother? You've wasted your time, and could even turn people off. What's the solution? Find creative ways to market yourself. Send pics, do short messages about related issues without blasting with the same ad every day. Network and build contacts to build a customer base, yes, but more importantly, to build a loyal following. Sometimes trust is most important ingredient in selling something. Be friendly and reply to as many tweets as you can. Be open to talking to anyone and everyone. Make them want to go to your website to learn more. Make sure your profile stands out from all the others on Twitter. Use videos and photographs to personalize yourself to people. This doesn't mean Tweet every time you sneeze or wash your hands. But if you just finished a good book or met an interesting person, share it. Occasionally post a video or photo of your product, or a satisfied customer. Putting customer reviews out for people to read also helps. Ask people for their opinions. Show them their thoughts matter. Don't treat them like a target group. They may be that, and they probably know it, but a little personality and humility from you goes a long way. Think about your favorite products or companies. What image do they project? What image do you want to project? Be professional, but be yourself. How often should you tweet? Some say once a day, but truthfully, only when you have something useful to say. Just be natural. Don't bombard everyone, but do let people know when something comes up. Encourage your followers to help you spread the word via their Twitter accounts.
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