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Twitter is the new Word of Mouth for Small Businesses

Posted: Apr 16, 2014

Twitter BannerCould it possibly be that word of mouth is a better marketing tool than Twitter? It's hard to calculate how beneficial word of mouth is, but when it works, it works. The trick is to find ways to get people to talk about your business or product. In today's world of instant messaging, word of mouth spreads like wildfire with Twittering. Twittering is more than just advertizing. If you have a good product that people want to use and tell others about, word will spread via Twitter, and that's half the battle. Twitter is free and easy, so if you've been putting it off, today is the day to go to their website, sign up, and start tweeting about your product. The thing to remember is that it takes a little finesse when Twitter marketing. Tweeters don't like to be bombarded with ads and spam. What they do like is to hook up with interesting people who have a product they can like and talk about. When it comes to Twitter, forming the social relationship is what's important. This doesn't mean you have to Tweet about the breakup with your significant other or announce that you just washed your car. A carefully-constructed tweet of 140 characters can generate interest in you, your product, and your website. Use pictures and videos once in a while. Show your followers that you are more than just a slogan for your product. Try to recall the Jimmy Dean sausage or Wendy's commercials. What stood out? Both commercials used a real person in their ads. Jimmy Dean, and Wendy's founder, Dave. Try to personalize your business while still keeping it professional. Tell everyone you're now doing Twitter, gain contacts, start networking, and send messages regularly. Don't forget to answer messages, as some consider it rude if you ignore them, or that you don't value their relationship. Twittering has to be about the followers, not your product. The phrase ìIf you build it, they will comeî applies here. If you build a good presence, they will come to check you out, and find your product. Twitter is another form of customers. Customers always come first. Be courteous and polite. Soft sell is better than hard sell in a social network community. Learn about Twitter lingo and etiquette. Don't be a bull in a china shop trying to make waves or change rules. You may be surprised at how many followers you gain, and followers translates into potential customers.
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