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What are some words to avoid in a Survey?

Posted: Jan 8, 2015

Red Flag WordsI am often asked - what are some words to avoid in a Survey?  Well the answer is that there are several types of words that should be avoided in a survey.  You want to get value out of all the hard work you are doing.  You should not let your poor choice of words get in the way of that.  Look below as we evaluate by type some words to avoid in Survey.

Avoid words that create Leading Questions.

In your survey you should avoid words that create leading questions.  These are words that get the user to think a certain way or to have a

Avoid words that create Preconceived Answers.

Preconceived Questions and Answers are one that create a judgement within the respondents mind before the respondent has a chance to evaluate the question for him or herself.   This is most often done by assuming that your users think that your company is great -- and making them answer questions that make it sound liek they agree.

Avoid using Red-Flag words.

Red Flag words are those that introduce opinion bias.  Maybe they incorrectly set background or inadvertently cause the user to focus on something else other then the question that is at hand.  These are words such as "Failure", "Fault", "Neglected", "Brilliant", etc...  You want to avoid words like this in your survey so that your respondents have the ability to convey their true opinions.


So what are some words to avoid in a Survey?  Well any word that introduces opinion bias or leads the user into a pre thought answer.  Words that set a tone or background for the respondent and detract from their ability to share their own thoughts and opinions.  All of these types of words should be avoided in a Survey.

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