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Twitter is the new Word of Mouth for Small Businesses

Could it possibly be that word of mouth is a better marketing tool than Twitter? It's hard to calculate how beneficial word of mouth is, but when it works, it works. The trick is to find ways to get people to talk about your business or product. In [...]

Basic Information about Search Engine Optimization

Fifteen years ago if we need information we had to go to library. Writing reports, and preparing for test required hours of scanning shelves filled with books, blowing large chunks of change in the copy matching, checking out a mountains of books, and [...]

Definition And Techniques Of SEO

A good definition of SEO (search engine optimization) can be said as a highly focused process to make a website successful in rankings. It is progressed because a commercial website that is used by majority of visitors at first sight is successful, [...]

Keyword Selector Tools and SEO

Keyword selection is one of the primary procedures to have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy implemented. It is extremely important that the right keywords are selected by businesses for their advertisements in order to maximize an online [...]

Survey Question Red-Flag Words

Red Flag words in survey questions are those that should be avoided at all costs.  These often result in creating Leading Questions or Loaded Questions or just introduce general opinion bias. Why are these bad? Leading Questions are those that [...]

Example Net Promoter Score (NPS) Reports

With a free subscription to's NPS Module there are several very useful reports that you get access to. Dashboard Net Promoter Score Report The most useful Net Promoter Score report is the Dashboard report that shows you what [...]
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