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My trend line goes up and down frequently

I have noticed that my daily trend line goes up and down a lot. is something wrong with the data?

Depending on the volume of responses you get on a daily or weekly basis, your trendline may see a lot of variance.  For the most accurate answer to the question "What is my currnet NPS score", refer to your dashboard.  Your most up to date NPS score will be presented there at the top.

Underneath your current score you will find your trending scores.  That of your daily trend, weekly trend and 30 day trend.  These scores are all useful in different ways.  More on how to get the most of these scores is explained in the article:

Your monthly score will most likely stay very stable as it has a large number of responses to be based off of.  It is natural for your daily score to go up and down if your response volume is low.  For example, if you receive less then 10 responses a day, then it is very likely that your daily trend will see a lot of variance.

NPS Score Over Time

Do not worry if you see variance in your daily score.  The daily score is useful in identifying immediate concerns or changes, such as validating scores after a new release of code.  If you see a sudden drop in your daily score after a major release or change, then you may want to investgiate the comments and see if a trend has emerged.  The weekly score can be a good guage as to whether or not the change is having adverse effects on your users -- or if it was just an adverse reaction to something being changed.

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