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Permission denied trying to create a backup file

This error is caused as a result of trying to create the actual database backup file onto the webserver.  During the backup routine, the backup engine needs to create and save a file onto the web server that holds the database backup.  If it does not have permission to save that file onto the server, this error will appear.

You can get around this error by ensuring that the web script has permission to write to the "_db_backups" folder within your software installation.  We advise against giving read and/or write permission to the public to this folder for security reasons.

Also after a backup has been created, we advise downloading the backup to a local computer and removing the backup file from your web server.  This will protect the backup file from any potential security breaches on the web server as well as ensure that the file is available if the web server was to crash and you loose your files.

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