Performance Impact of Plugins

I have a lot plugins installed on my site and pay very close attention to performance before installing new plugins.  What are the performance implications of the Dimbal WordPress Plugins?

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  1. Great question!

    Performance is a very critical element when running both large and small WordPress websites. We understand this and program our plugins accordingly. Here are just a few tidbits about how serious we treat performance.

    We constantly test and monitor the performance implications of all our plugins. The actual performance varies greatly depending on what action is actually being performed. Whenever issues are detected – we treat it as high priority and quick release remedies to address performance concerns.

    In general, most of our plugins have a footprint of less then 20 ms latency added page load when in use.

    When we can, we utilize AJAX process. Instead of always forcing fresh page reloads we will use AJAX capabilities in both our Admin modules as well as user facing modules. This enables data to be loaded in a lighter fashion reducing the stress on your websites web servers.

    When we can, we utilize Browser resources. Instead of having everything processed by the server in PHP, we will push appropriate processing off onto the browser to do when resources are ready. This allows your overall web page to be displayed quicker, while non DOM blocking elements can be loaded post DOM load.

    We compress all images. All images included in the admin or user facing components are already compressed making your browser and server footprint as minimal as possible.

    We only include files as needed. JS files, CSS files and others are only loaded when they are actually needed. This prevents loading of resources when the resource is not going to be utilized.

    We reuse as much code as possible to reduce the overall footprint included within a given plugin.

    In addition there are hundreds of other things that we do to make your plugin as efficient and performant as possible.

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