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i ve a poll running but cant check the reports of the poll for over days, each time i click on the analysis it keeps loading with no response. the poll can be located at http://www.ghycchoralfestival.org/cast-vote. thanks


Are you referencing an issue with the Report and Analysis section within the Admin Panel? If so – what error are you seeing?

Are the reports failing on just one poll/zone report? Or are they failing on all of the reports for each poll and each zone?

A blank display on a single report could mean that no data is available for that poll or that single zone. Try going to the main Poll list and validating that there are actual results submitted on the poll you are trying to run a report on.

A blank display across multiple reports could indicate some sort of trouble with the JavaScript on the page. This is often caused by collisions with other JavaScript elements on the page (maybe included in the theme, other plugins, etc).  Do you notice any JavaScript errors on the page?


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